Local towns awarded $50,250 for safety efforts

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Towns that are members of the Atlantic County Municipal Joint Insurance Fund (ACM JIF) received awards totaling $50,250 for their safety efforts. All 42 member municipalities qualified for the awards at the 24th annual Safety Kickoff Breakfast by virtue of the successful completion of the safety program criteria. 

The safety program focuses on lowering the risks associated with municipal operations such as police, fire, public works, and recreational facilities. By preventing accidents to employees and members of the public, municipalities have saved their taxpayers millions of dollars in insurance premiums and out of pocket expenses, according to the JIF.

Municipalities who are members of the ACM JIF, which includes most Cape May County towns, promote safety by conducting safety meetings, safety training and by completing investigations after an accident has occurred in order to identify ways to prevent future accidents.

Formed in 1987, the ACM JIF has allowed municipalities from Atlantic, Cape May, Cumberland and surrounding counties to collectively pool their resources saving taxpayers millions of dollars that would have otherwise been used to pay hefty insurance premiums.

“By maintaining a very low overhead and using extensive loss control, risk management and claims management techniques the ACM JIF has proven to be a valuable resource in these difficult economic times,” reads a statement from theorganization.

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