Tea Party and Occupy movement come from frustration

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To the editor:

In response to Mr. Passe’s letter of Jan. 5 and with all due respect, he talks about freedom and opportunities in our country for the past two centuries. However, times and conditions have vastly changed. We have now depleted our national treasury; we are involved as the world’s policeman; our economy is paralyzed and our youth are frustrated.

How can we alleviate some of the above? Let’s start with President Eisenhower. Why can’t we return to his tax rate of 90 percent, infrastructure building, and peace without unnecessary wars? Moving forward some 40 years and the Clinton administration imposed a higher tax rate than we have now. The result was a successful economy, a balanced budget and job creation.

People are frustrated and Mr. Passe says “Check the results from November 2010.” People sought change. Will they again in 2012? If so, we’ll go the other way.

As for regulation, watchdogs are vital in any society. Yet the eight percent approval Congress refused to approve the president’s appointments to a regulatory agency. Why? Politics.

In summation, the Tea Party was formed out of frustration and the same is true of the Occupy movement. Frustration was what motivated both the French and American revolutions. We haven’t quite gotten there yet but we’re making progress.

W.J. Murphy
Cape May

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