Lower Township councilmen placing party above all else

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To the editor:

The Cape May Gazette repeatedly reports the ongoing debacle in Lower Township.

In a display of selfishness and pettiness, the Lower Township politicians exemplify what’s wrong with out country. On one hand, you have a mayor who is quite competent and too capable for the job. On the other, you have a typical group of cronies called Republicans who want their way and have a plan to get their way. They function as disruptors, meaning they place party above all else. Sound familiar? Nationally, Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said “Our prime purpose is to defeat Barack Obama.”

Notably, you have a deputy mayor who rode in on Mr. Beck’s coattails and now, for personal and selfish reasons, chooses to challenge him. The other cronies are cooperating to hopefully get their way. What we have is an adult being challenged by juvenile and incompetent self-seekers. Unfortunate, but the direction our country is headed.

W.J. Murphy
Cape May


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