‘Disruptive’ politicians just have different viewpoint

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To the editor:

This is in response to a letter to the editor from W.J. Murphy in the Feb. 8 edition of the Gazette. Wow, another politician who is quite competent and too capable for the job. Where have I heard that before? How many of these politicians do we have in this country? Is there room for any more? Are they all from the same political party? Seems to me these disruptive, juvenile, incompetent self-seekers just have a different viewpoint as to where they see our country heading and are looking to change that direction.

I believe these disruptors want our government/agencies to not tell us that we have not packed the proper lunch for our child as was the case at Hoke Elementary School in North Carolina. The "lunch police" took the little girl's lunch because someone there determined her mother didn't pack a healthy lunch. Then they gave her chicken nuggets and sent a bill home for $1.25. Are you kidding me? Mom packed a turkey and cheese sandwich, chips, a banana and apple juice and, you know, was responsible for herself and her child.

I believe the disruptors want our government to address our debt crisis, deficits, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, etc. You know, the problems that are bankrupting our country. I'm not hearing much from the "brilliant, too capable people" currently in charge. And I'm not seeing anything being done even though the House of Representatives has presented many bills which are never even brought up for a vote in the Senate.

I believe the disruptors would like our politicians to focus on something other than a smoking ban on the beach and concentrate their efforts on more pressing issues like those terrible smelling tanning oils, ugh, or having the "sun-block police" make sure everyone has sun-block on as skin cancer is a very serious disease that could effect 100 percent of the beach goers as opposed to a very small number of lung cancer cases. Or maybe they could concentrate, you know, on how to improve parking or fix some of the hazardous sidewalks.

I believe the disruptors would like to pay less for gasoline and heating oil. You know, by freeing up those industries to drill here and put Americans to work instead of sending $600 billion every year to people who don't like us very much. You know, instead of blocking drilling in Alaska, the Pacific, the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico but wasting billions of taxpayer money on failing "green energy" companies like Solyndra.

Why is it when one of our political parties attacks the other, it is always "the party above all else”? You know, those disruptive, juvenile, incompetent, self-seeking Republicans.

Wayne Passe

Lower Township

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