Supreme Court justice shouldn’t take part in Obamacare discussion

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To the editor:

When the Supreme Court rules on Obamacare will it be legal or illegal? The question of the day.

Never in the history of our nation have we been confronted with such a problem as the Supreme Court begins hearings on the controversial health bill put forth by President Obama and passed by the House of Representatives and the Senate before they read the bill.

The reason for concern is that the newest member of the Supreme Court, Elena Kagan, was President Obama’s solicitor general who supported Obamacare and helped develop the legal strategy to be used as its defense in court.

At her confirmation hearing important documents were not disclosed during those hearings. Had they been disclosed at the very least she would have been forced to go on record announcing that she would recuse herself on the important issue of Obamacare.

Quite the contrary, as the hearings begin she will participate in all the dialogue and discussions and in all probability her vote would allow Obamacare to become constitutional.

In the final analysis will the bill pass and if it does will the ruling be corrupted by her vote?

Politics makes strange bedfellows and it sure is apparent in the instant case.


Louis C. Ripa

Jupiter, Fla.

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