Infrastructure needs attention

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To the editor:

As a former member of ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers) I feel compelled to point out some infrastructure facts.

Were you aware that over 50,000 bridges in our country are in gross need of repair? Were you aware that there are high pressure water main breaks within our cities on a weekly basis because of antiquated piping systems in use beyond their original design? There are major problems with our electrical grid, not to mention airports and highways. We are experiencing temperatures far in excess of what we’ve ever been subject to, and these temperatures have an impact on our very existence. Yet on national political party denies the existence of global warming trends.

When we neglect our priorities we will see the consequences. Let’s limit our focus on New Jersey. Like every other state there are budget problems and tax revenue problems. However, the state government directs the solution away from infrastructure correction.

Were we to correct infrastructure planning, we would have impacted all of the above to a healthy conclusion. One prime example was Gov. Chris Christie’s decision to cancel the tunnel to New York City, a vitally needed artery that was mostly funded by the federal government. The tunnel will eventually be built, and at twice the cost. Had we delayed the building of the Verrazano Bridge it would have been 10 times the cost by today’s standards. The tunnel would have benefited New Jersey and New York at little cost to either. Costs would be recovered and tax revenues yielded, to say little of job increases and relief for our highways.

We are at an impasse in this country, whereas China is rapidly rebuilding their overall infrastructure at a rate of eight times our (non-existent) rate. Did you know that an iceberg in the North Pole dislodged in July and it is the size of Manhattan Island? Wake up, America, and force the politicians to do what’s right. The alternative is Third World status.

W.J. Murphy

Cape May

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