Real race is Obama vs. Ryan

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To the editor:

In reference to the Harry Hurley column in the Aug. 22 edition of The Gazette, let me correct an image here – the presidential election is between President Barack Obama and Rep. Paul Ryan. Romney is a non-entity. People have already discounted him as an empty suit. Therefore, let’s look at Ryan.

He’s a fiscal conservative? But he voted for the so-called Bridge to Nowhere. He voted for the Bush tax cuts and two wars. He voted for the prescription drug bill, which costs some $800 billion.

Ryan has never seen a Republican spending bill he couldn’t support. Now he wants to cut Medicare? What hypocrisy. Furthermore, he criticized the stimulus money but took the dollars for his own district, which makes him a liar. Ryan also co-sponsored a bill with Rep. Todd Akin to ban abortion. Akin is the candidate for the U.S. Senate from Missouri who said “legitimate rape” doesn’t result in pregnancy.

Ryan is the kind of guy who will smile at you while picking your pocket. Even the nuns who taught him, his parish priest and a conference of bishops denounce him.

W.J. Murphy

Cape May

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