Tuition fix requires legislators’ help

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  To the editor:

I’ve recently read that Cape May is not happy with the cost to send a student to Lower Cape May Regional.

Now, I believe that the $72,000 that Cape May pays per student seems excessive. I understand that this amount was set by the state and Lower Regional has no control of what the state charges. So what I would do is get our state senators to go directly to the governor and change this current fee.

I understand a lawyer hired in 2005 to try and lower tuition hasn't been able to get much done. But now he suggests that we dissolve Lower Cape May Regional School District. And I will bet that in another seven years he will have another great plan. But I don't think this will save Cape May any money.

I really think that we get our local politicians involved now. I say we contact Bob Menendez and Frank LoBiondo and tell them this is a situation that has to be fixed immediately. I believe that if we all call or e-mail our congressman and tell them this is not acceptable, they will take action but we must do this now.

As you know elections are coming up soon. I hope you will take your right to vote seriously because about only 25 percent of the people vote and that scares me. Only one out of five people think voting is important and this scares the heck out of me.

I'm not sure what can be done to get our people involved. Just keep in mind that half the people in the world have no say in how their lives will go. We are fortunate to have control of our own destiny.

George Doherty

Lower Township

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