Thankful for courage shown on drug issue

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 To the editor:

I have been following the articles in the local newspapers concerning the drug addiction problem in Cape May County. First I want to say accolades to the local news media for making sure this horrendous epidemic is followed.

Then I would like to say “hats off” to Freeholder Kristine Gabor for having the courage to hold a public forum on this horrible drug war that is affecting so many lives in our county.  It takes courage to address an issue that has festered in our county for at least 30 years. There has been an outcry for some type of recovery center only to fall on deaf ears for at least that long.

Pat Campbell of Families Matter spoke in the article of a drug called Vivitrol. That drug is extremely expensive and I would bet most insurance companies won’t allow it to be used and most drug addicts don’t have health insurance anyway. We need programs that work. We can’t afford to be in an experimental mode right now.

At this time Cape May County has no real place to turn to. None.

Accolades to Chris Coombs and Kreni DiAntonio for telling their stories. That also takes great courage.

Keep up the good work. We are in a tough battle. I have had my battles with the county to try to get some type of rehab center here and it is very wearing when no one is listening.

Now we have people listening. I can’t get involved anymore. I can only write letters but will continue to watch and pray for everyone who has the courage to become involved.

By the way, there was one more young man who couldn’t attend the meeting. He was 23 years old and was busy dying from a heroin overdose. Sadly there are many more who go unnamed still joining the ranks while drug dealers are making tons of money from our ignorance.

Mary K. Snyder


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