Too much jurisprudence in government

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To the editor:

There’s a place for everyone provided that everyone qualifies. Wasn’t it Shakespeare in “Henry VI,” Part II who said, “Kill all the lawyers”? The polls show that this particular group ranks next to used car salesmen. Not too popular.

Why do I mention this? It seems that everyone, from the President on down, seems to have a law degree. Congress is made up primarily of lawyers. Hillary and Bill Clinton, Vice President Joe Biden and even Sister Simone Campbell are lawyers. Gov. Chris Christie and Rudy Giuliani are lawyers. Joe McCarthy and Nixon were lawyers.

The last I heard was that the law schools were dumping some 30,000 graduates into the system annually. There are about 2 million in the United States today. These people have a monopoly on leadership jobs, not leadership.

In reflection, some of our greatest leaders were not lawyers, namely Dwight Eisenhower, Albert Einstein, John F. Kennedy, Harry Truman, Douglas McArthur and Martin Luther King, Jr. The point being made is that it doesn’t require a JD to lead.

The smartest man in Congress is named Rush Holt (D-NJ) and he’s a physicist. He is also resigning. He’s had enough. We live in a country of laws, perhaps far too many laws, such as the “stand your ground law” in Florida. This law was created by a lawyer-dominated legislature. The Supreme Court sanctioned a law to open the money floodgates for donations to political parties, entitled “Citizens United.”

Don’t you think enough is enough? Shouldn’t the cycle be broken? How do we do this? The first step is awareness. People should be made aware of the current status in our country.

The latest abuses are right here in New Jersey. The malfunctioning NY/NJ Port Authority has been stuffed with attorneys by Mr. Christie. Even the executive director is an attorney named David Samson. What do these people know about interstate commerce, transportation and technology? Very little. Enough is enough and isn’t it time to end the “democratic” legal cronyism?

Please note, even the new ethics board in New Jersey is stacked with lawyers. Fair and equitable? The chairperson is a Christie appointee and ally. Does it ever end? We are a democratic joke.

William J. Murphy
Cape May

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