BL England pipeline could be used to export natural gas

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To the editor:

Converting the BL England power plant in Beesleys Point from coal and oil fired to natural gas is a positive move, the environmental consequences notwithstanding.

Relative to what we are now witnessing in Russia and Ukraine, we have international implications. President Vladimir Putin has a vast supply of natural gas and has customers in most of western Europe. The United States also has a large supply of natural gas with a massive distribution system servicing our country. But we are worlds apart from Europe geographically.

Why is this a problem for western Europe? Mr. Putin uses his gas supply to threaten all of Europe. There is a solution to the problem, but it will be costly. The answer is LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas).

LNG is made through a process where natural gas is converted to a liquid by lowering its temperature to -250 degrees Fahrenheit. The process requires a network of LNG terminals. Currently, there are areas in Texas and California with terminals. Many more would be needed to move large quantities of LNG to Europe.

One possibility, were the BL England power plant gasified, is a LNG terminal there. Currently there is an environmental problem with the pipeline to the plant. The solution – change the route.

This plant is ideally situated for an LNG terminal with waterway shipping access. This is, of course, hypothetical. However, can we not consider the possibilities and future growth?

WJ Murphy
Cape May

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