Blissful Thinking: Jessica Alba's 'Honest Life'

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A celebrity who I’m sure almost everyone could agree on for her charm and beauty is Jessica Alba. She’s been a favorite of mine since I was about 16 years old. I always thought she was the prettiest girl and a good person too. I’ve always looked up to her—regarding her fashion sense and personality. I wanted to be like her; she was like a role model to me.

Following her life, I’ve noticed that despite her fame in acting and modeling, Jessica Alba wasn’t only all about her sex appeal. Contrary to how many people may feel about that part of her, Alba always had way more morals than that. To me, she’s an ordinary person trying to live a happy and reasonable lifestyle just like anyone else. I wanted to share where Jessica Alba is now and why I lover her even more.

Now a mother of two daughters, Honor, who is 5, and Haven, who is 2, Jessica Alba has journeyed to a new segment of her career, which regards an inspiring way to live a healthy lifestyle.

She has recently started a new company called The Honest Company, which ensures a healthy and simple way of living—without sacrificing style. This company offers eco-friendly, non-toxic family products that don’t break the bank and are surely not boring.

Alba’s reasoning to launch this company falls behind all the questions she had when she was pregnant with Honor regarding what was safest and most healthy when it came to living.

Her quest to find these answers led to the launching of her company, and to the publishing of a book filled with her tips for leading a natural, stylish and fun living. From maintaining a healthy diet and steps to creating a natural and nontoxic beauty routine, to how to put together a stylish home using safe, nontoxic materials, her solutions are ones for the books—literally. Jessica Alba wanted to share her tips on how to live naturally and authentically that are easy, chic, and affordable in her newly published book, “The Honest Life.”

I bought her book in the beginning of summer and love the whole idea of it. Although I’m not a mother or preparing to be one anytime soon, I love reading all her parenting tips because it gives me good insight for my future. But aside from that aspect of her book, I’m mostly interested in her beauty and style sections. She fills us in on all of the beauty products she uses and where she gets her adoring fashion sense—all the things that get her looking so stunning. 

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