The Mom’s Beat: What mom really wants for Mother’s Day

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The Mom's Beat by Laura Stetser The Mom's Beat by Laura Stetser

Dear husbands:

Searching for ideas on what to get your wife for Mothers’ Day? Maybe you’re thinking of ordering flowers or buying a gift certificate to her favorite store.

While those perennial favorites are wonderful and fit the bill, I propose a few invaluable ideas that she will truly appreciate. These not only give mom a break but get the kids involved.

1. Do the grocery shopping

I mean all of it, the whole shebang. Look through the fridge and cabinets. Figure out what is needed. Research recipes or write down the items you need for your family favorites. Clip coupons if that’s something that your wife normally does. It doesn’t matter if you order the groceries online or even get them delivered, but get them in the house, and put them all away. Get the kids to help. Slice up the veggies for the week, marinate a steak for that night’s dinner, and then remember that most of us do these tasks every week while running from here to there. It’s exhausting, right? 

2. Organize a child’s closet. Sort out pants that no longer cover the ankles and shirts that haven’t kept up with growing arms. Grab the stash of hand-me-down summer clothes from the attic and neatly file those in the dressers. Pack the winter hats and gloves into bins and place them in the attic.

3. Clean her car. I mean get in there and have the kids scrub. Freshen up the emergency kit in the trunk. Add sunscreen, bug spray and Band-Aids and remove the mittens and ice melt packets. Maybe toss in a book or magazine for her to read while she’s waiting for the kids to finish soccer practice.

With a little elbow grease and time investment, moms can catch an unexpected break from their routine. Getting a reprieve from the grind can do wonders for the psyche of working moms. We know it’s hard to balance work and family life for dads too. But it’s Mother’s Day first. Your turn is next.

Lighten her load, and I guarantee she will smile and feel appreciated, which is the true message of Mother’s Day.

Laura Stetser is a full-time reporter and mother of two school-age children. Connect with her via email at   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Follow her on Facebook and Twitter @TheMomsBeat.

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