The Mom’s Beat: Keep calm and play music

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by Laura Stetser by Laura Stetser

The Mom’s Beat: Keep calm and play music

“Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

– Berthold Auerbach

There was always music playing in our house as we grew up, and it was good music, too. It fostered an appreciation for the emotion music could create, whether it were excitement, relaxation or sadness. Still to this day, I always prefer having a soundtrack to my life going in the background.

I hope to pass this family trait along to my children as well, so I try to put music on whenever we can. It helps me relax, and as a bonus, I have found that the kids play nicer and are more creative when the music is in the background, which is probably why my parents did it as well.

And, let's face it, there a lot of empty hours during the summer. Parents can use all of the help we can get, especially when they don't want to constantly plop the kids in front of video screens.

Our children are getting to the age where they want their own channels on; they have become their own audio consumers, which normally results in a request for not-as-great pop music.

In an effort to strike a balance, I have found a few terrific streaming playlists that are appropriate for the kiddos. Here they are- enjoy.

Pandora stations (free):

Kidz Bop Kids features clean versions of the songs they love from the radio, with some other tunes mixed in. Listen HERE.

“Lego Duplo Playtime” takes oldies and mixes them with some newer kid-centric content. The result tricks kids to listen to oldies while thinking the songs have been made just for them. Listen HERE.

Amazon Prime playlists: (paid subscription required):

“The Littlest Hipster” playlist features songs by Ziggy Marley, Bruce Springsteen, Guster, Wilco and Lisa Loeb. Catch it HERE.

“Hits Are for Kids” playlist mixes Cyndi Lauper with Wilson Pickett and Johnny Cash with Joni Mitchell. Enjoy it HERE. 

Sound Cloud playlists: (free)

“Putumayo Presents” packages international music and makes its accessible for children. This playlist features a variety of albums from its “European Playground” to “Salsa from Around the World.” Go globe-trotting HERE. 

The Verve Pipe’s “Are We There Yet?” is a set of 10 songs by the multi-platinum rock band that offers silly lyrics with well-played music that allows the band to stay true to its roots. Rock out at HERE.

Laura Stetser is a full-time reporter and mother of two school-age children. Connect with her via email at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Follow her on Facebook and Twitter @TheMomsBeat.

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