OC BYOB article collection

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Voters to decide BYOB, Ward races Tuesday

Lawn signs have pros and cons in a campaign

Some merchants describe downtown as ‘survive’ more than ‘thrive’

Final pre-election campaign finances released

Candidates for council discuss issues facing city during public forum

City Council News in Brief, Edition of May 2, 2012

Man on the street: BYOB will go down in defeat

Pro-BYOB attorney sees conflict with OC businessmen’s new venture in Somers Point

Will BYOB really be bad for OC?

Pro and no BYOB organizers make their case on radio show

BYOB issue topic of radio show debate

Opponents say BYOB will not improve local economy

Pro-BYOB group holds first informational session

Consequences of BYOB still unknown

Official No BYOB group says it doesn’t condone boycotts

BYOB debate heats up as ‘no’ and ‘pro’ groups stage info sessions

Pro-BYOB group schedules informational sessions

Sheppard, Sutherland face off for surrogate

Group offers BYOB information sessions

Decision time tonight for county Democrats

Anti-BYOB group forms (UPDATE)

(UPDATE) BYOB to go to public vote May 8

BYOB to go to public vote in May

BYOB ordinance on council agenda for Thursday

Price traces lineage to Ocean City’s founders

(UPDATE) BYOB petition turned in to City Hall

Restaurateurs challenge chamber’s ‘dry town’ description

Validity of BYOB ordinance unclear

Boardwalk merchants want more input in BYOB

Timeline for petitioners filled with ‘what-ifs’

BYOB is back, group seeks May 8 vote

FIT hears details of Stainton’s plan

Could BYOB statute be changed at state level?

Fearing legal challenge, BYOB advocates withdraw petition

BYOB ordinance ‘flawed,’ attorneys agree

BYOB possible court challenge

BYOB proponents deliver 583 signatures

BYOB petition delivered to city

Have BYOB proponents reached their goal?

BYOB proponents: Put it to a vote

Timeline is tight on BYOB petition

Legality of BYOB signs at issue

Want to sign BYOB petition?

‘Don’t change OC’ signs: legal or illegal?

Ocean City Realtors neutral on BYOB



BYOB is not necessary

OC Unfiltered: Fear and loathing in Ocean City: the hypOCrisy on BYOB

Guest Column >> Ocean City doesn’t need BYOB

Ocean City is a family travel destination

Consider these questions when deciding on BYOB

BYOB is too risky

Remember to be respectful in midst of debate

OC Unfitered: The wheel’s already been invented, restaurant owners just need to ride it

Hypocrisy in No BYOB argument

Let BYOB level the playing field

Info sessions help answer public’s questions

If you want BYOB, go to a town that offers it

BYOB will keep the downtown alive

Guest Column >> BYOB opponents need a stronger argument

No good reason for BYOB

Bernardini needs to stay secular

BYOB won’t tarnish OC’s reputation

Would the Lake Brothers like Ocean City today?

BYOB is good downtown, not on the boardwalk

BYOB about more than a glass of wine with dinner

It’s not just the restaurateurs

Spreading misinformation about BYOB

On parking lot buy and BYOB

Respect founders, do not implement BYOB

Stop posting anti-BYOB signs

Keep OC alcohol-free

‘Change’ signs our only way to be heard

BYOB will rob OC of unique appeal

United against BYOB

BYOB vote: democracy in action

‘Saddened’ at prospect of BYOB

Want BYOB? Look at SIC

BYOB will lead to bars, liquor licenses

First BYOB, then liquor licenses

Boycott BYOB supporters

BYOB: a quality-of-life issue

Don’t try to stifle the conversation

More opponents than supporters of BYOB

Let’s pull our heads out of the sand

Keep Ocean City dry

Minority rules in Ocean City

BYOB won’t bring ruin or renaissance

Why not signs for pot, abortion?

Let’s not stoop to boycotting our neighbors

Aunt Gladys would be shocked at BYOB

‘Don’t Change OC’? Who’s kidding who?

‘Change’ is inevitable; let’s make it meaningful

All businesses will gain from BYOB

Thanks, OC, from Avalon restaurants

Tabernacle does not advocate boycott

BYOB not a problem-solver

Don’t undo years of tradition with BYOB

It’s not broke, so don’t fix it

Don’t move forward with flawed BYOB ordinance

Don’t try to stifle the conversation

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