• MARGATE – New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner Bob Martin is planning to meet with local officials early next month to discuss alternatives to the pending dunes construction project.

    Mayor Michael Becker said he received a call from Martin last week to arrange a meeting or two to discuss “unresolved issues with the specification of the plan, including drainage.”

    Becker said the 15-minute conversation was cordial and that Martin suggested a second meeting in mid-November to meet with the city’s technical consultant about the project.

    “I think it is a big step forward for the commissioner to call us,” Becker said. “He is aware of our issues and will set the time and place for the meetings.”

  • VENTNOR – The Board of Education agreed Wednesday, Oct. 22 to partner with Atlantic City in its effort to win the Georgetown University Energy Prize national competition, which carries a $5 million prize for the community that most effectively reduces its per-capita energy consumption over a two-year period starting Jan. 1, 2015.

    Action taken at the meeting will pave the way for other Downbeach communities to join Atlantic City in an interlocal agreement that benefits residents and helps the environment.

    Atlantic City is one of 52 municipalities nationwide that made it to the quarter-finals of the competition, which is designed to create a more energy efficient America. The prize challenges communities to incorporate innovative ideas to reduce energy consumption.

  • VENTNOR – The Board of Commissioners Thursday, Oct. 15 introduced an amendment to the city’s salary ordinance to set into motion an intergovernmental transfer that would allow the city to hire an Atlantic City employee as its next emergency management coordinator.

    Longtime Emergency Management Coordinator William Melfi will retire in two weeks, Mayor Michael Bagnell said. He is currently using up his sick days and his last day of employment will be Nov. 1.

  • Margate engages DEP and Army Corps to discuss options to building dunes

    MARGATE – The Board of Commissioners approved a resolution Thursday, Oct. 16 that preserves the city’s rights in fighting the dunes project. The commission entered a “tolling and standstill” agreement with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, which will allow the municipality to negotiate alternatives to building sand dunes on Margate’s beach.

    Assistant Attorney General David C. Apy filed with the Atlantic County Clerk three administrative orders to effectuate a taking of partial easements not voluntarily granted by shorefront property owners, including the City of Margate, to build the dunes. The state will use its powers of eminent domain to negotiate good faith compensation due to 10 shorefront property owners and 16 riparian grant owners.

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Some of Taube’s positions are downright mean

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Written by Dan Campbell Monday, June 03, 2013 04:42 pm

To the editor:

I have attended recent Margate commission meetings and the only apology necessary from Mrs. Taube is for her own stubborn attitude.

Her steadfast position on charging nonprofit and charity organizations between $1,000 and $2,000 for rental of the city-owned stage was despicable. Her unilateral decision to eliminate the small subsidy that Margate has given the Little League for years to defray uniform and registration costs was nothing short of disgraceful. These hurtful positions are fact not fiction.

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Ventnor should have waived permit fees for all Sandy repairs

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Written by Tim Kreischer Monday, June 03, 2013 04:09 pm

To the editor:

Thanks to Atlantic County Habitat for Humanity for their great work in helping some Ventnor residents get back into their homes. Without their assistance with free labor, some of these homeowners would not be back in their houses. In addition to the tens of thousands of dollars of free labor these homeowners received, they did not have to pay the building permit fee as Ventnor City waived this fee for these homeowners only.

There are still many homeowners not back in their homes, fighting with contractors, fighting with FEMA over insurance money, and struggling to get back into their homes. In many cases these homeowners received only a percentage of the actual cost to rebuild. Many had to take loans from the Small Business Administration and put liens on their homes. Many are struggling to do the work themselves to save dollars they do not have.

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Beach fill raises difficult questions for Margate

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Written by Vaughan M. Reale Wednesday, May 22, 2013 06:05 pm

To the editor:

Margate’s domestically built dunes reduce storm damage, depending on variables including surge strength, tidal and lunar patterns, wind speed and others. Exhaustively exploring domestic dune creation and avoiding a permanent beach fill program should be considered.

Hurricane Sandy, by many accounts, was a 50-year storm that fortunately took few lives, but leveled significant damage. Potentially marring our beach, assuming the federal share of beach fill costs if Congress cuts funding, and re-directing virtually all beach block storm drainage are only some of the considerations requiring significant scrutiny.

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Blumberg’s attacks just aren’t cool

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Written by Brenda Taube Wednesday, May 22, 2013 06:04 pm

To the editor:

For those of you who attend our Margate Commission meetings, I apologize. The banter back and forth on the commission and the public comment from the few regular attending residents, one of whom isn’t even registered to vote, is embarrassing to me.

It seems that Commissioner Blumberg has taken to attacking me in an effort to discredit me and make himself  look good, at that’s not cool.

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Margate Concerned Citizens not intimidated by fraudulent letter

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Written by Anne Pancoast and Steve Woerner Tuesday, May 21, 2013 04:21 pm

To the editor:

The purpose of this letter is to make the taxpayers of Margate aware of those who wish to, by any means possible, discredit the Margate Concerned Citizens Group.

We assume anyone living in Margate has certainly heard of the group. If not, its main purpose is to foster transparency and fiscal responsibility in our city government. It is our belief that we can make a positive difference when we speak with one voice. We have successfully achieved this since our inception in 2010.

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Thank you Longport officials for recovery efforts

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Written by Donald C. Marino Tuesday, May 21, 2013 04:18 pm

To the editor:

As a Longport resident, when I returned home after Sandy, I was amazed and saddened by the devastation sustained by Longport. I appreciate that other shore communities suffered more and a large number of people lost everything. But to see this beautiful community literally covered with sand, steps to the beach gone, bulkheads destroyed and wonderful homes either lost or terribly damaged was a total shock.

Now that we are about to welcome back our part-time residents, family members and visitors, I want to express my appreciation for the prompt response and fantastic work supervised by our commissioners, and carried out by our police and fire departments, and all Longport employees to have Longport ready for the summer season. There is still much to be done and everyday more is accomplished.

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Government reps are corporate cronies

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Written by Opinion Tuesday, May 14, 2013 12:40 pm

To the editor:

What hope can citizens have for public safety after the NRA and the gun lobby paid off politicians to kill even the background check bill – when the majority of the country was hoping for an assault weapons ban.

How can we accept that Monsanto's genetically engineered foods are now protected by the FDA with provisions slipped into a bill anonymously?

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We are all equal in God’s eyes

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Written by Opinion Wednesday, May 08, 2013 05:58 pm

To the editor:

To all the haters and to those who object due to moral grounds, I agree with you that in today’s society we have lost our civility in disagreeing with each other. We attack and attack and never really listen to the other side.

You’re wrong, I’m right and that’s the end of the story. There seems to be two sides to every argument and those two sides always seem to be broken down to either conservative or liberal. Red state or Blue state and if you disagree with me, then I’ll throw at you all the facts that I heard on my TV news or talk radio show, all hosted by people who’s main goal seems to be fattening their ratings, egos and wallets.

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Taube statement based on ‘pseudoscience’

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Written by Opinion Wednesday, May 08, 2013 05:54 pm

To the editor:

Margate Commissioner Brenda Taube can't seem to remember her pledge to hold the line on spending.

She wants or needs to squander $900,000 of taxpayers' money. Former Mayor Vaughn Reale sternly warned that this was only the tip of the iceberg and that beach replenishment mandates could cost Margate up to the full $10 million if federal funds were not available.  Who in their right mind would buy into a 50-year contract with such enormous financial exposure?

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‘Improving’ economy is just an illusion

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Written by OPINION Wednesday, April 17, 2013 12:52 pm

To the editor:

Headlines announce the falling rate of unemployment. Americans who pay little attention, or whose sources of information are limited, might blissfully believe the economy is well on its way to recovery. Unfortunately, any semblance of a recovery comes as President Obama and the Federal Reserve sanction the printing of trillions of dollars to be dumped into the economy. Our government is “buying the illusion” of a recovery by printing more money than our economy warrants. Four out of every 10 of those dollars add to a national debt, which will severely diminish economic opportunities for future generations.

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