Margate Concerned Citizens not intimidated by fraudulent letter

Written by Anne Pancoast and Steve Woerner Tuesday, May 21, 2013 03:21 pm

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To the editor:

The purpose of this letter is to make the taxpayers of Margate aware of those who wish to, by any means possible, discredit the Margate Concerned Citizens Group.

We assume anyone living in Margate has certainly heard of the group. If not, its main purpose is to foster transparency and fiscal responsibility in our city government. It is our belief that we can make a positive difference when we speak with one voice. We have successfully achieved this since our inception in 2010.

It appears that the efforts of the Margate Concerned Citizens Group are a threat to some. The positive things we are accomplishing are not of their choosing. They made this very apparent by their recent actions last week.

It began with a phone call I received from a longtime friend who I had not spoken to in quite sometime. She was upset from a phone call she had just received from her husband. He told her he had just received a letter from the Margate Concerned Citizens Group. She said the content of the letter was authored by our group and my name, Anne Pancoast, and Steve Woerner, appeared at the bottom of the letter.

It said the Margate Concerned Citizens Group was in opposition to an event her family was holding on Memorial Day weekend. It further suggested, since it was approved by the mayor, that they should call him about their opinions concerning the event. Obviously the letter was being circulated throughout the neighborhood.

I told my friend I had no idea what letter she was talking about and to please send me a copy. Needless to say, I was shocked. It was as she described, but of course was not from the Margate Concerned Citizens Group.

I then got in touch with the executive board of the MCCG and told them the news.

Steve and I find this action very disturbing and a scare tactic that is being used to try and stop the group’s progress. It was mean-spirited and an attempt to discredit our group. Since some people in the community received this letter, Steve and I felt they should know that neither we, nor anyone in the group could have committed this dishonest and cowardly act.

Do we know who committed this deliberate act? No, but this is what we do know.

We were not even aware of the event to be held on Memorial Day weekend. We did not write the letter and knew nothing about its content. The letter was targeted to homeowners in a specific location; we know neither their names or addresses.

We do know that whoever did author this letter had to have access to the names and addresses of each person living in Margate.

Let it be known that the members of the Margate Concerned Citizens Group believe that the success of a group such as ours depends on making a positive difference for all taxpayers in Margate. Any issue we have pursued with a successful outcome has been accomplished through the qualities we share of honesty and integrity. Therefore, let it also be known that we are not intimidated by the action committed against us and we will continue to carry out our purpose, which is to encourage transparency and fiscal responsibility in Margate city’s government.

Anne Pancoast, President

Steve Woerner, Vice-President

Margate Concerned Citizens Group

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