Resolution reaffirms Margate’s opposition to dune project

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MARGATE – The Board of Commissioners approved a resolution July 3 that reaffirms the city’s stance on the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and the Army Corps of Engineers pending beach replenishment project.

Resolution 156, which passed unanimously, summarizes key points related to the city’s position on the dunes, including the results of a non-binding referendum rejecting the project, a Nov. 21, 2013 resolution asking the state to remove Margate from the project, and correspondence between the city and the state since the Nov. 5 referendum.

“This will hopefully reinforce to the state and Army Corps and the citizens of Margate that we are together as a commission and that we are willing to go to bat for the 65 percent of the people who voted against the idea that the state is going to come in here and build dunes,” Commissioner Maury Blumberg said.

The resolution supports replenishment that provides a wider beach without dunes, and improvements to the city’s existing bulkhead system. It states the city is “adamantly” opposed to drainage plans, which are “poorly designed and unacceptable to accommodate Margate’s existing beach block drainage infrastructure.”

The resolution, which will be sent to NJDEP Commissioner Bob Martin, resolves that, “Margate City stands firm in its commitment to honor the will of its citizenry in its opposition to the construction of a dune system and respectfully requests that the City of Margate City be removed from the beach replenishment project as proposed at this time.”

A clause mentioning Martin’s Dec. 4, 2013 letter responding to the adoption of Resolution 232 of Nov. 21, 2013 and stating the dune system was essential to the health and welfare of New Jersey residents was added to the resolution at the request of Mayor Michael Becker.

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