Taube’s actions show leadership

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To the editor:

We would like to commend Mayor Michael Becker for his choice of a running mate to serve as commissioner for the city of Margate. During her six months in office, Commissioner Brenda Taube has shown leadership qualities that are so necessary in her position. Collectively, we have attended many commission meetings since Commissioner Taube’s election, and it is evident her main goal is to serve all the taxpayers of Margate, meeting their needs and concerns by providing them with a government that is transparent and fiscally responsible.


This was apparent when officials were trying to make the right decision concerning the firehouse issue. Commissioner Taube worked tirelessly, reaching out to the fire department and taxpayers, and listening to their individual concerns. Although many of us looked for a different outcome, Commissioner Taube’s decision was based on what she honestly felt was best for all concerned.

Our impressions were reinforced when we attended the Thursday, Oct. 27 meeting of the commission. Commissioner Taube recommended that Margate hire a municipal administrator, a position that was authorized by the commissioners in 2007. She shared with those in attendance the reasons why such a position would benefit the community.

One of the most important reasons, she said, was that Mayor Becker, Commissioner Blumberg and she have part-time positions and it is impossible for them to oversee all the workings of each department and office. However, a municipal administrator would work full time and be responsible for the day-to-day supervision and coordination of all aspects of city government. This produces more efficient government and reduces taxes, according to university-level studies.

A municipal administrator would be nonpartisan and cannot work to elect or defeat any candidate for office in local, state or national elections.

Commissioner Taube has made bold decisions on difficult issues. Many Margate residents have told us of the times they have gone to her with personal concerns and how quickly she responded to settle the problem.

Brenda Taube has proved she is a commissioner who is willing and able to handle the challenging task required of her as an elected official – serving her constituents, the people of Margate.

Katharine Grande
Hilde Lewkowitz
Joan Naden
Claire Perskie
Elaine Small


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