Bond ordinance would not raise taxes

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To the editor:

We respectfully urge Margate residents to vote yes for the ordinance regarding the new building department on the Nov. 6 ballot. 


This move is a good one because it will save the city money, and city business will be conducted more centrally and conveniently, as the new location is ideally situated next to City Hall. Parking spots can be designated in the City Hall lot for the building department, and the municipal lot will also be available for parking. The proposed building is an attractive structure that would blend in well with City Hall and its existing architecture. 

Contrary to Commissioner Blumberg’s statement in The Current, our taxes will not be raised as a result of this ordinance passing. As we have stated before, it will save money.  We have done nothing but encourage cost-saving initiatives and we would not support any project that would raise our taxes.

We’ve been throwing away money for 14 years in rent. This project is sound and cost-effective. Please vote yes for this ordinance.  


Mayor Mike Becker

Commissioner Brenda Taube


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