Romney has something in common with Reagan, JFK

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To the editor:

Arguably two of the greatest modern day presidents are Kennedy and Reagan, a Democrat and a Republican who shared many core principals in economics, foreign affairs and defense policy.

Every voter with Internet should Google and listen to the Dec. 14, 1962 Kennedy speech to the N.Y. Economic Club. It eloquently explains the importance of supply-side economics that were successfully deployed in a very similar economic condition as today, which Reagan copied and Romney is now proposing.

Both espoused that a vastly superior military, efficiently built and unquestionably lethal, was the path to and maintainer of peace. Our enemies must fear us, and the USA must lead from a posture of strength, not negotiate from a posture of weakness. Romney shares these beliefs.

They believed our allies must trust us as a stable, moral, fair and genuine friend. Remember Obama’s off-microphone comment to Vladimir Putin claiming Obama could be more “flexible” once he was re-elected. For over 10 days Obama's administration confidently blamed spontaneous protests for the deadly 9/11 Libyan embassy attack and arrested a U.S. citizen, despite having conflicting information indicating it was organized terrorism.

It’s fact that Obama had a Democratic super majority in the House and Senate for two years, yet couldn’t get a majority of his own party to vote for his proposed budgets. He pledged to cut our deficit in half; instead he grew it by a trillion per year. Despite his campaign rhetoric and the media’s refusal to correct it, he increased taxes and regulations at a stunning rate, thereby stifling the engine of our economy and employment.

Obama's auto industry bailout and green energy initiative are only successes if you’re in the habit of lending billions that won't be repaid. Outrageously, hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars are being spent overseas as part of his green energy initiative, yet he won’t approve a domestic pipeline.

Our taxes are high, our deficit is crushing, unemployment is rampant, our allies don't trust us and our enemies don’t fear us. Listen to JFK's speech and vote for Romney.


Vaughan M. Reale


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