Obama lacks character, principles

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To the editor:

Americans generally want to feel good about their President. After presidential elections, folks usually settle down and hope for positive results. This was not the case with Barack Obama and American conservatives. It wasn’t because he is black; many of my fellow conservatives supported Herman Cain. I was hoping Condi Rice would run. Conservatives don’t focus on skin color; we do focus on principles and character.

Conservatives opposed President Obama from the start because during the 2008 campaign, we took time to learn about the man, his ideology and his associations, while many Americans were swooning over the false hope created by an appealing illusion. By gaining an understanding of the man, conservatives have not been surprised by his policies, principles or his character.

Obama’s policies have been disastrous for America. But perhaps the most damning indictment of his character has been in his handling of the recent tragedy in Libya. Not only was the requested security denied to our diplomats for the sake of political appearances, but in the aftermath of the foreseeable attack, our president tried to distract and deceive the American people, blaming the tragedy on a spontaneous reaction to a YouTube video. The Obama administration was hoping to avoid blame in this matter, while also avoiding damage to the illusion of Obama as the conqueror of Al Qaida.

But the most telling of all the president’s decisions concerning the Libyan debacle came when, the day after our ambassador and three other Americans were killed in this terrorist attack, President Obama had the temerity to board Air Force One and fly to Las Vegas for a campaign stop. This callous act, in itself, should be enough for any American to see that President Obama lacks the character and principles so desperately needed in an American president.

Larry Pacentrilli


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