No more debt: Vote no on bond referendum

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To the editor:

The real question for voters on the Nov. 6 ballot referendum: “Is Commissioner Taube’s claim true that constructing a new building at 7 S. Washington next to City Hall will reduce spending and save taxpayers money?”

The answer is in the facts, not in the commissioners’ or the Concerned Citizens Group’s opinions. First, you should know that the original savings figures Commissioner Taube reported were not certified by the city and are incorrect. The true data, which was presented at the Oct. 11 town hall commission meeting, reflects the following:

The new building would increase debt by $600,000 and cost taxpayers over the 12-year loan period.
Leasing space for the building department would cost less than building for the 12-year period.
Using Union Avenue School (38,000 square feet) would cost relatively the same as constructing a 3,300-square-foot building, and this is the only choice with revenue-producing options.

At the end of 12 years, repurposing Union Avenue could save taxpayers at least $2.4 million. By renting 50 percent of the available space, we could increase city revenues after paying all expenses by $200,000 a year. This would drastically reduce spending, debt and taxes, and the city would still own two valuable properties, Union Avenue School and 7 S. Washington. 

By voting no on the referendum, the city can move forward and investigate repurposing Union Avenue School as was recommended by Margate’s business administrator. If you take the politics (the three commissioners) out of the equation and simply do the math, it is a no-brainer. This is not about supporting one candidate over another; it is about your hard-earned money. You will get a chance to vote for your favorite politicians in the next city election.

On Nov. 6 vote for the taxpayers: Vote no to reject Bond Ordinance 2012-04, which if approved would increase Margate debt by $600,000.

Sharon Simon




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