Time to follow the will of voters

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To the editor:

Margate voters spoke Nov.  6, and it is time for Mayor Becker and Commissioner Taube to listen. We are tired of the reckless attitude of these two and hope that the no vote on the building department will serve to open the eyes of the two pound-foolish politicians. Margate has 38,000 square feet of usable space at the UnionAvenueSchool, and it is now occupied with our city offices that were destroyed by Sandy.

Thank heavens we did not allow Taube to bully and bulldoze her way through this valuable city-owned asset. The building can easily house our building department as well as community programs and affords other leased-space opportunities.

Thank you, Sharon Simon, for educating us and putting up a fight for all of Margate taxpayers. Citizens will not be subject to an unnecessary $600,000 of debt on a building we desperately didn’t need.

It is time for Taube to listen to her handpicked business administrator, along with the city clerk and the department heads and stop trying to make a name for herself in her quest for higher office. If the county needs her, please take her now before we cannot undo the damage caused by this storm.

Margate doesn’t need any more new hires as proposed by Taube and quietly perpetrated by Becker. Neighboring towns do just fine with way less. Our savings is in salaries, wages and benefits.

Let’s reduce by natural attrition and avoid layoffs and wasteful spending. It is time for these commissioners to wake up. Stop listening to the three “concerned citizens” and follow the will of the 1,453 voters who said no to the referendum.

Ed Weeks


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