Businesses will rebuild, but need help

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To the editor:

Since 1930 our family has been at the JerseyShore. We stayed as the passion of the ocean and sand keep us here.

Now Sandy has taken that from most of our coastline. The businesspeople have only 20 weeks to make a living, and that was cut short last year also. We are the ones who took the spirit to open our businesses on the shore; we collect the sales taxes that help keep this state moving.

Shore businesses need assistance. In 150 days April will be here, and some will not be ready. The insurance companies need to be motivated by the state or be investigated for acting in bad faith. The Small Business Administration or office of state assistance has to offer 1 percent, 30-year loans. Every aspect of consideration has to be given to business to put people back to work; Atlantic City was failing prior to Sandy – look at it now. Businesses built this nation and this state, but we don't receive pensions or health insurance; we pay for it. Now income is totally lost, and South Jersey tourism will lose ground.

The governor put the state first over politics. He led the way; now we have to finish it by demanding that insurance carriers settle in a fair time.

This is not a wake-up call; this is the alarm. Give us the tool of money, and we will make it work. Big government does not know how. We do. We’re not looking for a handout; we’re looking for a thumbs-up.

Daniel Fedeli


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