Business administrator, change are needed in Margate

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To the editor:

As a city commissioner, it is important to me that all our constituents receive correct information pertaining to the issues facing our city; therefore, I find it necessary to address Sharon Simon’s letter in last week’s Current. Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, but not their own facts.

Yes, I was very involved in the search for our business administrator, as was our whole commission. The original intent was to share the administrator with Ventnor, but in the process we found a retired individual with a wealth of municipal experience who agreed to work with us part-time as an independent contractor, saving us money on benefits and payroll taxes.   

The business administrator has helped us tremendously with budgeting and fiscal planning, which we desperately needed, as well as helped us institute all of the recommendations regarding concerns addressed by our auditor (see 2011 Margate Management Letter prepared by Ford Scott and Associates LLC on our website under “city documents”).

The building department referendum is now moot, and we should move on. Hurricane Sandy had other plans for our municipal landscape, as we now find ourselves over at Union Avenue School for emergency reasons. Future municipal planning is now being discussed, and we are evaluating every possibility out there, including sharing services with our municipal neighbors.    

Residents tell me all the time that they would attend meetings if it weren’t for the circus show put on by two particular residents. These residents have strong opinions regarding the leadership and direction of Margate, and both seem to have aligned themselves with Commissioner Blumberg, so I suggest they run together on a ticket for the next term.

In the meantime, Mayor Becker and I continue to serve with Commissioner Blumberg.  We hoped to bring more civility and peace to the commission, but through no fault of ours, we find the commission even more divisive, and if this is because we see change that needs to be made, I don’t apologize. 

I thank those of you who have complimented me for standing up for what I think is right and wrong. At last week’s meeting, I stated that it is not OK for a city employee serving under Commissioner Blumberg to borrow a city-owned car for personal use. Why should the taxpayers of Margate pay for this employee’s personal needs? Standing up isn’t easy, nor is change. But if we want to become a more fair, transparent, efficient government, standing up and change are necessary.  


Commissioner Brenda Taube


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