Blindsiding Blumberg could prove costly

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To the editor:

"Orchestrates" is a mild euphemism for the Machiavellian machinations of the Margate mayor and Commissioner Taube. Because of this duo, taxpayers may very well be on the hook for a multimillion-dollar lawsuit for the hostile work environment they exacerbate week after week.

Despite the mayor's talk about the need for more civility, he continues to be divisive. He has driven the commission to the point of being dysfunctional and acrimonious, and morale has never sunk lower.

The mayor’s actions leave people shaking their heads in total disbelief. He himself had insisted that proposed changes brought up at a workshop meeting be matters for the next scheduled commission meeting. That is, of course, until he decides to unilaterally change the rules.

Blindsiding Commissioner Blumberg and stripping him of his duties may perhaps have some dubious precedent, but the long-term consequences are nothing short of horrendous. Worse yet, taxpayers will once again have to underwrite his actions.

John Sewell


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