Bickering makes Margate a laughingstock

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To the editor:
For the past year one can’t help reading in the newspapers or listening to talk radio without hearing various remarks and criticisms of longtime Margate City Clerk and Tax Collector Tom Hiltner. I am appalled by some of our commissioner’s actions.

I have known Tom Hiltner for several years, and no matter the questions my neighbors and I have, we feel we can call him and get actions or results. He is always courteous and will look into anything for you or will let you know where to go for the information needed. He has great rapport with the all the departments and city employees he comes in contact with. I believe they respect him and handle whatever problems he sends their way.

The residents also like and respect him. Instead of being glad the department ran smoothly during Hurricane Sandy, some just looked for a way to criticize him instead of thanking him for being here for the residents when no one else was. Regardless of what anyone says, Tom Hiltner, who was born and raised in Margate, loves this town and cares about its progress and the people.
I’ve heard all over town that residents applaud Hiltner’s challenge to Becker and Taube on Hurley radio in honor of the late Mayor Ross, who hired Tom and worked day to day with him for over 20 years. Stop with the phony praise of Bill Ross and the hypocritical public comments of being like a family when in reality the opposite is true: Becker and Taube go out of their way to try to hurt the Hiltner family while intimidating any employees or residents that dare to speak up.
Margate has become a disgrace and a laughingstock with all the bickering and revenge. Why don’t you try to work together to get this city back on the right track. I am not the only one who feels this way; unfortunately people are afraid to write letters like this because they fear retribution.

Fran Sullivan

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