Letter: Margate can’t afford not to fight dunes

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Letter: Please Gov. Christie; listen to Margate’s valid concerns Letter: Margate can’t afford not to fight dunes

To the editor:

The DEP claims that Margate beaches must have dunes because they are the only effective storm protection measure. Mayor Becker, Commissioner Blumberg, Solicitor Abbott and 65 percent of Margate voters don’t agree.

 In a letter to the DEP, the Margate Commission states that it: a.) accepts the DEP’s invitation to meet and discuss the project, b.) will not be dictated to without an opportunity for input, c.) is obligated to represent the will of the citizenry, and d.) has no desire to engage in costly litigation, but will fight to protect its beaches from becoming a state park."

 Solicitor Abbott effectively rendered these statements meaningless before the city even received a response from the DEP.  He stated that Margate should not continue to pursue this issue because it will cost too much money, we risk losing control of our beach, and the plug may be pulled on other grants. 

I’m sure the DEP and 65 percent of the Margate voters heard his message loud and clear. The DEP is no doubt happy; whereas the voters feel betrayed.

 Either the commission changed its mind or the letter was written to pacify the masses and not in earnest. The truth is this it is too costly not to continue to contest this issue because dunes will cost us millions of dollars for years to come and will not provide the best long-term protection. Additionally, dunes will result in a loss to the recreational and aesthetical appeal of our beaches, which are the foundation of our economy.

Sharon Simon



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