Letter: Margate has no choice but to participate in the dune project

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Letter: Margate has no choice but to participate in the dune project Letter: Margate has no choice but to participate in the dune project To the editor:

I would like to address the comments made by Margate Solicitor Scott Abbott on Jan. 2, 2014. When did he go from being a proponent of the shore protection plan to being an opponent of the project?


As solicitor for the city of Ventnor, he strongly advocated the dunes; now in his home town, serving as city solicitor he is opposed to them. I question the appropriateness of Mr. Abbott expressing his opinion regarding the shore protection plan. Isn’t his job to advise the commission on legal matters? Any comments made outside of legal issues should be made by the officials we elected to represent us.

At meetings Commissioner Taube asked that whoever speaks to the media makes sure the information is accurate not speculation. However, Scott Abbott stated that pumps could serve as an alternative to dunes, but according to our engineer Ed Walberg, these pumps are not a practical solution.

It appears from the statements made by Abbott that he agrees with the MCQBP. He said dunes won’t target Margate’s specific storm protection needs and that repairing and maintaining the bulkheads or building a master jetty would be a better use of the funds.

It is a fact that a jetty is not used for protection.

What about the cost of bulkheads and repairing damaged of destroyed ones? The law passed by the federal government calls for dune protection and beach replenishment. That law is clear to me and many others.

The opposition group ran a funded and planned campaign. Some of it may have been censored and skewed to support the "no" vote, but that’s water over the dam.

We don’t have a choice but to participate in the project and I believe it is time for our commission to get on board. If we must participate in this project and get the best project possible. Please let’s not fight this; it would be an expensive legal battle which we would likely lose in the end.

My concern is safety and affordability of flood insurance now and in the future. I think this project would protect our residents and their property from future storms and would double the width of our beaches, which would help reduce beach block flooding which we have during full and new moons.

Steve Woerner


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