Romney is out for money and prestige

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To the editor:

If you take the letter “R” from Romney and move the “M” ahead of the “O”, you get the word that is most admired by Willard Mitt Romney: money. Romney doesn’t want to help the working people; all he wants is the prestige of being president.


Romney, Ryan and Santorum are three of the most hypocritical politicians I have ever seen. We might as well put Rush Limbaugh in there also. They want power to control the working people, along with the Koch brothers and Grover Norquist. Where do you think all our pay raises have gone? To the government.

The Republicans want to buy the government so it can be what they want, not what the people need. Why don’t they use this “lobbing” money (bribe money) to pay better wages and for health care? It’s all about power and control. The Bible says to help the poor, not take advantage of them. Let’s get rid of all the Republicans and Democrats that are taking this bribe money and vote in some good politicians, if there are any.

Hear this, all you crooked politicians, this country is not for sale. Romney, Ryan and the Republican Congress are bought and paid for by the Koch brothers.

Romney complains about “no jobs in America,” when he and other Republicans are the ones who sent them to China.

Romney ran to Paris, France so he didn’t have to serve this country while we were at war with Vietnam. His first name reminds me of the movie about a rat.

John Remy

Egg Harbor Township

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