Elect school board members who have no relatives working in district

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To the editor:

Numbers 3, 5, 7 and 11 are the Egg Harbor Township school board candidates that I will support.

Please do not vote for any of the incumbents. We truly need new blood and a new direction. The incumbents keep spending and spending.

And please vote for a candidate that does not have any relatives working in the Egg Harbor Township school district. Conflict and compromised opinions must stop.

The following candidates do not have any relatives working in the school district.

Lisa Dagit, K-3, is a knowledgeable trained administrator who is employed in the Hamilton Township School District. She understands where waste and excessive spending occurs in the school system. She will bring that awareness and know-how to a new school board here.

Shae Dailyda, K-7, has tracked the EHT school budget for the past few years. She brings a variety of financial suggestions to control costs and spending. She understands why and how the real estate taxes are so high. Her words: “We need creative solutions to do more with less.” 

Lorry Faber, K-5, is a retired U.S. Air Force major who is currently is a test pilot at the FAA Tech Center. Lorry is a leader, and we are fortunate to have her interested in running for the school board. She understands budgets and value: “Our taxpayers deserve maximum value for every tax dollar spent on education.”  That’s not happening now, so how about three highly educated moms who are known and trusted throughout the community?

Paul Rosenberg, K-11, is a businessman who is president of the Atlantic City Yellow Cab Co. He is a committed community volunteer who knows he can take decisive action to control spending and keep real estate taxes stable without jeopardizing our children’s future.

This is the first time the school board election will be held in November. It is also a presidential election. This is big; this is important.

We now have 22 polling locations in EHT. Be sure you know where your new poll is. Don’t be surprised on Election Day when you go to your old location and might be sent to another location. There will be lines, so vote as early as possible. Vote 3, 5, 7 and 11.

Norma Lombardi

Egg Harbor Township

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