Time for a change on EHT school board

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To the editor:

Aren’t you tired of seeing your property taxes increase every year? Did you look at the information provided with your last tax bill that showed the only component that increased was the school board portion? They raised the tax 5.6 percent; everyone else reduced their rate. The big difference this year was the extra $2 million the school received from the state that they were not expecting. This should have been used to reduce your taxes; but no, they spent it, thereby raising your taxes.

The school board is made up of nine members, therefore, a majority is five.

The only members to vote against the increase were Thor Himley and Mark Deebold; everyone else voted to increase your taxes.

I for one will not vote for any incumbent running for the school board; they are Jack Haines, Neil Anderson and Mary Anne Spiker.  So far I have read that Shae Dailyda and Paul Rosenberg will do something to control spending. There are 11 people running; surely there is at least one other person who will control costs.

I know the parents will be upset because we are against spending money on the schools; nothing could be further than the truth. Everyone is in favor of spending money on education. I am opposed to spending on the non-education items such as $750,000 on showers, $250,000 on resurfacing the parking lot, $1 million on Astroturf and from $20,000 to $40,000 on a “senior patio.”

Apparently the remaining seven members of the school board are not aware of what is going on with this economy. The Press reported that Atlantic County had 430 foreclosures in the last quarter. Is it really more important that the sports teams have new showers over a family being able to save their house, or that the parking lot is resurfaced? Yes, it was in poor condition, but couldn’t that have waited?

Seniors just got word that Social Security benefits will go up about 1.5 percent in 2013; but Medicare will go up 7 percent next year. I, like many of you, fought to keep this country free and to enable us to vote. It is now your time to show respect to those who defended your rights.

Time to wake up Egg Harbor Township and change the school board in order to prevent the continual tax increases.

Arthur Richman

Egg Harbor Township


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