Tax increase is coming under guise of a reassessment

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To the editor:

Don’t look now, but your real estate taxes will go up at least 14.4 percent this year, and that is before the county, township and school district add their requirements and also without any changes to your property value.

Mr. Mayor, instead of complaining about your reassessment to a damaged property, which probably will be covered by insurance, why don’t you explain why the taxes are going up 14.4 percent.

Here is how I calculated the increase: 

In 2012, my home was assessed at $129,000. This is 57.87 percent of value; the full value would be $129,000 divided by 57.87, which equals $222,913. This is 100 percent value.

In 2012 my taxes for the year were $5454.12

The new tax rate is 2.80; that times $222,913 is $6241.58. The old tax divided by $787.46, which is the difference between the new and old, comes to 14.44 percent, the value of the increase.

My new assessment is $230,200; multiply that by the new tax rate, 2.80, and you get $6446.60, or an 18.2 percent increase, before anyone has included the new budget for 2013.

Vital Communications could not tell me how my property increased by $8,000 over the last year. A representative did tell me my senior community is in a better location than the other senior community because we live near a Wawa. Somehow a convenience store should not be worth $20,000 to $40,000 more for the same house that is two to three years newer than the other house. I have lived here almost six years and have not seen any property increase in value in the past five years.

Living in a senior community, the services we receive are trash and recycling pickup, police protection and library services, plus some other items. I do not resent having to pay for the education of our youth; I do resent paying for noneducational items such as Astroturf, showers and snack stands or parking lot paving. You have a school board president saying we are “entitled” to spend the money because we saved the money. This was about the $700,000-plus for the new showers.

In 1976 there was a film titled “Network,” whose great line was, "We're as mad as hell, and we're not going to take this anymore!"

When is this township going to wake up?

I, like many other seniors, served in the military to protect our freedoms. At the time, I did not realize it meant the freedom for the politicians to spend as much money as they wish and put people on the streets because they can no longer afford living in the house they purchased.

Again, I ask the administration, why are you entitled to increase the taxes 14.4 percent under the guise of a reassessment?

Arthur Richman
Egg Harbor Township

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