Suspension a poor choice of punishment for lateness

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To the editor:

I have been a resident of Egg Harbor Township for 38 years. I am the mother of a freshman at Egg Harbor Township High School. My daughter was suspended from school for being late six times.

I called the freshman principal to let her know that my daughter could not attend the detention. I'm a single parent of two. I work a full-time job. I leave work to pick my son up from preschool and take home so my daughter can take care of him while I go back go work and finish my shift, so my daughter can't stay after school for a detention for being late.

She wasn't violent or disruptive in school. This school system would rather my child miss a day of school for being late. What sense does that make? She would have been better off not going to school at all rather than being late and serving a suspension.

The school and the district need to focus on things of more importance, like drugs, sex and bullying in the school system – not kids being late to school. It’s setting our kids up for failure, and makes no sense at all.

Denise LaBoy

Egg Harbor Township

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