What the DNC talking points don’t tell you

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To the editor:

Wow, the silly season has really shifted into high gear.

First, we have Norm Cohen’s column in which he faithfully regurgitates every DNC talking point available as if it's gospel. Does he really expect us to blindly believe all of that propaganda? Is the economy really coming back?


High gas prices beyond anyone’s control? Since oil is still priced according to the dollar, doesn't a weak dollar make gas prices rise?  Just wait until Bernanke unleashes QE3 upon us. What will be the effect of injecting more inflated dollars into our morbid economy?

He speaks of mud tossing. I guess the "Romney is a felon" routine was punching above the belt. Has he ever you ever noticed the number of felons and ex-felons that have associated with our current president since he graduated from Harvard?

Doesn't the Affordable Health Care Act take $716 billion away from Medicare over a five- or six-year period starting 2014? If Obamas' finest achievement was killing a murderer who was barely relevant at the time, doesn't that leave a lot of room for missed opportunities that could have been much finer, aside from destroying our Republic?

Furthermore, most of us are aware that it wasn't his order that sent the Seals in to do their heroic job. Obama and his boss, Valerie Jarrett, were waffling on the decision. The word is that Leon Pannetta gave the go ahead after becoming frustrated with our "lead from behind" leadership.

Next, we have folks that want to "educate" the voters and give us the lowdown on our history from an apparently progressive viewpoint.

Let's start with the oppression, abuse, and murder of freed slaves from 1863 to 1963. Do we forget that Democrats were doing most of this? Have we forgotten Bull Connor and George Wallace? What about Robert Byrd?

Abraham Lincoln was not a Democrat, but Albert Gore Sr., who voted against the Civil Rights Act, was. And did the policies of FDR end the Depression or was it World War II? FDR gave us Social Security, but it was more like a lottery because the retirement age was set three years above the average age for mortality and it has been used ever since as a tool to scare seniors into voting for people who won't reform the system to make it self sustaining without siphoning off the contributions of younger workers.

LBJ, yeah, we see his handiwork every time we read about inner-city crime. The Great Society is anything but, even after trillions of taxpayer dollars.

Yep, progressives have given us the Federal Reserve, the progressive income tax (another political weapon to be used against the public), a bankrupt (almost) Social Security, a failing Medicare system and now Affordable Health Care that will soon be unaffordable until it can kill off enough seniors to reduce costs.

Yes, the IPAB (Independent Payment Advisory Board), death panel to the layman, answerable only to the president, will be dictating the structure of the payment system and is tasked with instituting rationing.

Yes, our wages are stagnating and the middle class is under tremendous pressure. Do you think that it will change under policies of high taxes, high wages, and the threat of government strangulation through Marxist regulation?

The people pulling the levers of power today are using the middle class as cannon fodder to topple our government because the middle class has the most votes. If they win and we become a Marxist (progressive) nation, the middle class will disappear and there will be two classes; those who give orders and live well and those who obey orders and have to scrape to get by.

We need to restore honor and integrity to every facet of our lives and elect people accordingly. Enough of tolerating the ends justify the means mentality. Are we up to the challenge? Oh, and JFK – I don't think that he was a progressive. He fought communism instead of promoting it.

Al Kinkade

Port Republic


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