GOP on a path to irrelevance

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To the editor:

What has happened to today’s Republican Party?

We need two major viable political parties in America, with opposing political philosophies, willing to negotiate with each other and compromise with the best interests of all Americans in mind.

Today’s Republican Party has lurched far to the right, unwilling to bend a hair in its ideological viewpoints. It has obstructed President Obama at every turn, to the profound detriment of our nation. It has forced its members to toe a rigid line or out the door they go.

Surely, that once respected party is headed down a path to total irrelevance; maybe not today, but soon. America does not suffer fools or fundamentalists gladly. Moderate Republicans in the closet, forced to suck up to crazed tea slurpers, know this. Yet, so far they have not asserted themselves and come out of their self-imposed hiding places swinging.

Gone are the good all days when congressional partisans on both sides would bicker when in session, socialize at night, then conjure up legislation they could live with. Tackling tough problems was an art bereft of ideology, drawn with shades of gray, not black and white. Nuance, compromise, and quid pro quo are alas concepts that ring hollow to know-it-alls who now froth at the sight of Democrats.

Tolerance of diverse reasonable viewpoints and fairness, now more than ever, are essential for any political party to survive. Yet the not so Grand Old Party is abetting its eventual extinction as a primary force in American politics as it continues to honor the dishonorable shrill commands of unelected dingo-like lobbyists, roaming the corridors of Congress gnawing away at the American dreams of middle income and poorer folks.

No doubt, it will take more than one election cycle to marginalize the Elephant, but the pace to political obscurity will be proportional to the metastasis of intolerance generated by radical elements infecting its body.

If Speaker Boehner and Minority Leader McConnell can muster the spine to excise the tumor in their midst before it is too late and begin to work with Democrats to fix what is truly broken within our challenged nation, the Party of Abe Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt may yet survive.

Presiding over a collapsing political party is not pretty. Legacies matter and they know it.

Lawrence Uniglicht


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