Iranian regime thrives on instability

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To the editor:

If Iran wants a nuke, why doesn’t it just buy one?  It has to be less expensive than manufacturing one from scratch. While not exactly on Angie’s List, I’m sure the low life criminal bosses of this dysfunctional nation would have no trouble finding an arms dealer to do their bidding.  The nuclear horse left the barn decades ago.

We should note that many if not most ordinary Iranians yearn to experience the prosperity and freedom of the West.  Indeed, according to some surveys, the majority of Iranians truly like Americans.  President in name only Ahmadinejad, mouthpiece for the regime, as well as the turbaned don Ali Khamenei are well aware of their citizens’ proclivities. 

Could these despotic thugs be spoiling for a fight with Israel, hoping the so-called Zionist state they loathe actually attempts to bomb their spinning centrifuges?  Wouldn’t that cause the Iranian masses to rally around them?  Isn’t that what enraged, frightened folks tend to do when their country is under attack?

Furthermore, any limited strike on Iranian nuclear facilities limits nothing. While it would perhaps delay the process of creating fissile material a year or two, most assuredly, it also creates an excuse for surrogates of the Iranian crime family to unleash an array of terrorist attacks on Israel as well as Western, especially American, targets worldwide.  All this would surely do wonders for our global economy.

It should also be noted that destabilizing rhetoric by the farcical Farsi fundamentalists about acquiring nuclear capabilities frightens industrial nations throughout the planet, helps drive up the price of oil, still Iran’s main export.

Why do political leaders, including Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, not see what should be obvious?  Why do they allow a low life cadre of gangsters to wreck havoc with their better judgment? Why do they do their bidding by fueling uncertainty by drawing red lines in the desert sand, further raising the price of oil and strengthening a less than robust Iranian economy?

For those who contemplate the sanity of these fundamentalist leaders, let us observe that Islamic crime bosses and their stooges, part of Khamenei’s extended family, belonging to the terror mongering crime family Hezbollah for one, don’t blow up their earthly bodies.  They brainwash mentally distraught folks, their conventional weapons of choice, to perpetrate such acts throughout the Middle East.

These thugs really don’t want to die, yet don’t mind seeing others do so if it is to their advantage.  Are they crazy or just calculating criminals using religion as a most effective brainwashing tool?     

If we want to really hit the Iranian criminal regime where it hurts, we should begin to wean ourselves off of oil, thus dropping the per barrel price.  We might also consider directing clandestine operatives to foment a coup d’état, led by a Western leaning moderate Islamist.  We’d be doing their besieged citizens as well as the civilized world a favor.

Lawrence Uniglicht


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