Healthcare law turning out to be even worse than expected

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To the editor:

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office recently reported that the Affordable Care Act, which Senator Menendez voted for and touts in his reelection campaign, is going to impose even more taxes than previously thought on middle class families.

Six million more people than previously estimated are going to be forced to shoulder a $1,200 increase of their tax bill when the ACA is completely implemented. Since when does raising taxes equate to “fighting for the middleclass?” Bob Menendez is trying to fool New Jerseyans into thinking that he is saving them from more taxes, when in reality, he votes in favor of raising our taxes time after time after time.

Senator Menendez, I have news for you—we’re not buying it. We know that your talk is empty rhetoric and that we cannot afford another six years of you representing us in Washington. It’s time to pack your bags and make room for Joe Kyrillos in the U.S. Senate.

Theresa Lucarelli


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