What will happen to basic services?

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To the editor:

Despite policy differences, Republicans and Democrats generally agree that our government has a duty to its citizens to provide basic services for the community.

As I read that Galloway Township may be laying off about a crew and a half from our already bare-bones Public Works Department and five officers from our already stretched-thin Police Department, I am worried that our municipal government will no longer be in a position to provide basic services to our people.

We are in tough times, and we will all need to tighten our belts to weather this plight; however, our government has a responsibility to the citizens and taxpayers of Galloway. Keeping us safe, plowing streets from snow and collecting leaves are basic functions of local government. At a certain point we have to stop cutting or else we will have nothing left.

Years ago, our township used to have budget surpluses. As our population grew and more land was developed, Galloway's government still provided basic services to our people to lower crime, make our township more business-friendly, and to ensure prompt snow and leaf removal.

We need to cut back, yes, but we still need officers to patrol our township and keep us safe. We still need public works crews to collect leaves and plow snow. We still need Galloway Township government to work for us, not against us. The fact that we are in such a grave fiscal condition despite our rising taxes should give us all great pause.

Mike Suleiman

Democratic Municipal Chairman


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