Problem isn’t guns, it’s keeping them out of the wrong hands

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To the editor:
This is in regard to the woman in Connecticut who legally owned and kept her guns in the house, and they were used in the school shooting.

There is a lot that I haven’t been able to find out. I was told that she bought the guns for protection, but it was not mentioned who she felt she needed protection from. Apparently, she and her ex-husband got along pretty well. Also, she was supposed to go out a lot, leaving her son alone in the house with the guns. So were the guns for his protection?

She was supposed to be so concerned about her son, then why would she leave him alone? She had decided to have him committed. I never heard for what reason, or what doctor or therapist had advised her to consider that option. Also, how did her son find out about his mother’s plans to have him committed? You wouldn’t tell someone that, would you?

There are identification devices that can be used on guns that will allow only one person to shoot the weapon, the legal owner. She had that option. She could also have had a gun case that only she could open. I never heard too much about where the guns were kept. Or, she could have simply moved the guns out of the house. There are storage facilities available for rent for monthly or yearly time periods. Also, most gun ranges have storage facilities for weapons.

When people who own guns go away from home, most would make sure their guns were secure, just like securing the house and other items. You wouldn’t leave the door unlocked or the guns out in view, would you?
Most of the well-known serial killers did not use guns. Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, the Green River Killer, and so on. And cars kill about twice as many people who are killed by guns, so why isn’t there a call to ban cars and trucks?

Jim Munroe

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