Group seeks support, money to save Egg Harbor City waterworks building

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EGG HARBOR CITY – The first meeting of the Save the Egg Harbor City Waterworks Building Committee was held Wednesday evening, Nov. 28. The committee discussed what it would need to do to save the waterworks building before the city tears it down and builds a new one in a different location.

Roy Weiler Sr. heard about the city's plans to demolish the historic building, which was built in 1905, and immediately thought it should be saved for use as a museum for the Friends of Peace Pilgrim.

Weiler, who took a tour of the building, said it is big enough to accommodate a museum. For the committee to be successful in saving the building, three things are needed, he said: people who are willing to work to save it, a specific use for the building, and money.

So far the committee appears to have the supporters and the proposed purpose for the building; it is hoping to find the money.

No one from the Egg Harbor City chapter of the Friends of Peace Pilgrim was in attendance Wednesday evening; however, some committee members said they have spoken to a few representatives from the organization and the feedback was promising.

The Friends of Peace Pilgrim is a nonprofit, tax-exempt volunteer organization that is dedicated to the dissemination and publication of the words of Peace Pilgrim. According to the waterworks building committee, the organization has more than enough items that can be displayed in the museum.

Before the committee can move forward, a letter will be written to the board of the Peace Pilgrim organization asking for its commitment to the project. The committee agreed that unless the organization definitely wants to use of the building and is committed to saving it, then it is useless to pursue the idea.

The final decision would rest in the hands of the New Jersey Pinelands Commission. Weiler said the building is 1,500 to 1,800 square feet and sits on 5 or 6 acres of land. If the city demolishes the building, the land would revert to the Pinelands Commission. The committee is hoping that the Pinelands Commission will agree to take the land behind the building in lieu of the entire property.

The next meeting of the Save the Waterworks Building Committee is scheduled for 7 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 16 at Wimberg Funeral Home in Egg Harbor City.

In the meantime, the committee will be gathering support from other local organizations and individuals so that the historic building might see 100 more years.

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