High-tech treatment offers alternative to braces

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 Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment option for the correction of crowded teeth and bad bites. It is described as a high-tech method of straightening teeth and correcting bites that is planned and manufactured over the Internet.

The treatment is available at Vecere Orthodontics in Cape May Court House.

Aligners (similar to the clear retainers used after braces are removed) are virtually invisible. With Invisalign treatment, aligners typically get switched out every two weeks. Years of research went into the computer programming that established the amount of tooth movement accomplished in each two week interval, according to a local orthodontist.

Using a process similar to 3-D printers, the aligners are manufactured in sequence to accomplish a correction designed and approved by the orthodontist.

The level of difficulty of each person's orthodontic problem varies greatly.

Invisalign has different products that take the level of difficulty into account. For example, there are 5, 10, and 13 aligner series for the orthodontic corrections that are relatively minor in scope. When the patient’s problems are what are normally seen in an orthodontic office, Invisalign has the product to handle a higher level of difficulty, according to the staff at Vecere Orthodontics.

Some of the advantages of Invisalign versus conventional treatment include:

  • They are clear and difficult to see.
  • The aligners are smooth to the cheeks and tongue and therefore are much more comfortable than standard braces.
  • Patients can brush and floss normally. Oral hygiene is rarely an issue with Invisalign. The same can't be said for conventional brace treatment.
  • Of course, the aligners are removable so the patient can eat anything they want — patients in braces must be very careful about what they eat or else they will loosen or break their brackets and wires. This often results in unplanned visits to the orthodontic office for repairs. Emergency visits are rare with Invisalign.
  • Because the tooth movement is carefully planned, the teeth experience much less discomfort.
  • The patient can view the end result before treatment begins because the orthodontist has corrected the crowding and bite problems virtually (the treatment is planned through the Internet with Align Technology).

“We like to say ‘we begin treatment with the end in mind,’” reads a statement from Vecere Orthodontics.

Dr. Jeff Vecere of Cape May Court House has been using Invisalign since the company launched in 2000.

According to Vecere, the first eight years of using the product produced mixed results, but he said the past five years has seen an explosion in effectiveness which he called a tribute to the dedication and investment in research and development by Align Technology.

“I can honestly say that there is almost no condition that Invisalign cannot correct,” the orthodontist said in a prepared statement. “Amazingly, there are some bite problems that Invisalign corrects better than braces.”

For more information about Vecere Orthodontics at 22 West Pacific Ave. in Cape May Court House, see www.vecerebraces.com  or call 609-465-5175.

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