Police Chief looking for ways to save

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NORTHFIELD—Finding new ways to save costs in the city prompted Northfield and Linwood Police Chief Robert James to look into finding creative public safety department efficiencies. City Council had plenty of questions for the Chief at the Feb. 19 meeting. James said his department is looking into the possibility of sharing preventative maintenance services with the Linwood Police Department on both departments fleet of vehicles. “We would enter into a cooperative purchasing agreement with Linwood,” James told members of Council. Preventative maintenance includes items like replacing wiper blades, rotating tires and changing the oil and transmission fluid.

While some members of the Council questioned the plan, James said they were not ready to move on any plan but is in the process of listing the preventative maintenance each department is routinely taking care of and will look at each department’s fleet of vehicles to determine if working in concert will save both cities’ money.

It was requested that if at all possible to keep the work local; in either a Linwood or Northfield station.

Normally city vehicles repair and maintenance work is done at the Northfield City Garage on Mill Road. Currently the mechanic is out on authorized leave and according to City Clerk Mary Canesi, the city is looking to hire a temporary replacement. Qualified mechanics are urged to contact Canesi at (609) 641-2832 ext. 125 for more information. 

A thank you to the Mayor

Veteran municipal meeting goers know it’s rare that a person will wait to address the governing body with something positive to say. But those in City Council chambers Tuesday evening were treated to a simple act of good manners and taking an opportunity to say thanks; Sindy Baker, a resident of Northfield Plaza and a teacher at the Northfield Community School brought a letter addressed to Mayor Vince Mazzeo from she and her husband Karl for quickly settling a potentially problematic issue with neighbors.

“Our neighbor and his contractor were completing construction on the property next to ours. They had been working on the property for several months when all of a sudden they began encroaching on our property with placement of a shed and fencing,” Baker read from a letter she wrote. 

“For several additional months we tried speaking to their builder. Jim Dickerson and Mike Dattalo of the Building Dept. tried to help us with this encroachment matter based on Northfield’s ordinances but nothing was ever resolved. We even ordered a new survey of our property as recommended by the building department. 

Sadly, nothing we did convinced our neighbor to move the shed or fence. Miraculously, within four days of speaking with Mayor Mazzeo, our encroachment issue was resolved.

He deserves a debt of gratitude and many thanks for his commitment to the city of Northfield and its citizens. In addition, he demonstrates the importance of honoring, enforcing and abiding by our city ordinances. In this way Northfield continues to be a shining star in our Mainland community.”

Babe Ruth Baseball

Also at the Feb. 19 meeting a resolution was passed by City Council that set Northfield Babe Ruth Baseball as the entity responsible for the Babe Ruth program in the city. Babe Ruth is the league after Little League and is for players ages 12-15. Previously the Babe Ruth League was a part of Northfield All Sports which is now defunct. Nick Droboniku is the commissioner of the Babe Ruth League. The next Northfield City Council meeting is scheduled for March 12 with workshop at 6 p.m. and regular meeting immediately following.

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