The unsolved murder of April Kauffman goes nationwide on Americas Most Wanted

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The America's Most Wanted website is featuring the unsolved murder case of April Kauffman. The America's Most Wanted website is featuring the unsolved murder case of April Kauffman. LINWOOD – It was a year in May that April Kauffman was shot and left to die in the bedroom of her Woodstock Drive home. The ensuing months have been tough on so many people who knew the veterans’ advocate and radio host as their friend. But for Kauffman’s surviving family, the calendar is frozen on May 10, 2012.

Daughter Kim Pack is looking for whatever avenue will bring someone forward with the missing clue that will solve the case and bring the killer to justice, along with closure and peace of mind to her family. 

She connected with America’s Most Wanted for help raising the profile of the case nationally in the hope of encouraging someone to come forward and provide that one clue.

“America’s Most Wanted (AMW) has announced it will highlight the unsolved murder of my mom, April Kauffman, on AMW.COM and will keep the profile up until the case is solved. AMW is responsible for the assisting in over 1,200 captures worldwide,” Pack said.

America’s Most Wanted aired for seven years on the Lifetime Network, but as Pack explained the show is currently not being broadcast and the producer and star of the show, John Walsh, is looking for a new network. For now, America’s Most Wanted is a website that features criminals, cold cases and an opportunity for people to leave anonymous tips that could lead to an arrest.

Her hope is the website and the tip line; (1-800-CRIMETV) will garner more attention to Kauffman’s unsolved murder and give those who have knowledge an anonymous way to bring it to the authorities.   

Pack said the rumor mill is so tough to hear.

“Obviously things like this do not happen in Linwood, especially when someone comes into a home and the person is shot and left to die. This is another vehicle to help find the person that did this,” Pack said. “Help us put an end to this.”

She said the rumor mill is constant, and rather than rumors she is hoping that the information AMW is able to collect, however small or insignificant it might seem, might be the missing piece. 

The AMW tip line gives anyone who might have some information an opportunity to share it anonymously. The crew at AMW will then turn viable information over to the authorities to continue the investigation.

John Walsh is the person behind the show, “America’s Most Wanted.” His son Adam was abducted in Florida in 1981 and later found murdered. Since then, Walsh has fought to bring criminals to justice and to help families find closure.

To date AMW claims its public exposure of cases, with the help of its tip line, has brought 1,202 fugitives to justice.

Pack said Walsh goes around the country on speaking engagements and brings a lot of exposure to the website; her mother’s still unsolved case is on the front page and will remain there.

Pack has two sons. Her youngest, Colton, has no real memory of his grandmother, but her 7-year-old certainly does and has a picture of her in his room.

“He asks me, ‘did they get that bad guy that hurt my MiMi?’ That’s not a question a 7-year-old should have to ask his mother,” said Pack.

She said she really does not know what it will take to bring a responsible person forward with the information the authorities need.

“This is uncharted waters here. My mom fought for the underdog and she would not let something like this drag on without doing something to help. I don’t know what else to do at this point, but I do know that I can not sit back,” Pack said.

Veterans advocate and radio host April Kauffman whose killer is still at large The killer of veterans' advocate and radio host April Kauffman is still at large.

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