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LINWOOD — Nutritionist Nancy Adler opened her new office on Monday with plastic surgeon, Dr. Frederick Coville. While a health advocate and a doctor might seem like a slightly unusual mix, Coville and Adler are both in the business of making their clients feel and look their best. “It is really a very good fit for both of us,” said the nutritionist.

Their office, at 401 New Road, suite 103 is quiet spot where the space allows for privacy to enjoy a therapeutic massage with a licensed masseuse or for one on one consultation with the doctor or the nutritionist.

Adler is a certified fitness trainer, sports conditioner and a specialized sports nutritionist.

"My focus is really nutrition and weight loss. I work with athletes and we sit down and look at their diet and my job is to help them to put together the food that will give them the best performance. We look at their sport, the number of days they practice and how involved their practice is. I tailor a diet that is with the foods that improve their endurance,” said Adler.

But while working with athletes and preparing the foods the feed power and endurance is second nature to her, as her husband has been a power lifter for many years; Adler said her passion is weight control. “I don’t just give them A-B-C-D so they lose weight quickly. My program is longevity; it is a lifestyle change both physically and mentally. Their diet is structured for them personally,” said Adler.

The very first time together they sit down one on one and fill out a profile. “Before I can make a program that is going to work for a client I have to know a lot about their lifestyle. I need to know how many times a week they eat out along with their likes and dislikes. It has to be a livable plan or those old habits that put the pounds on in the first place will repeat themselves.

"You are not on a diet here. I teach you how to live and not to be a slave to food,” added the nutritionist. Adler added that teaming up the right food is a huge boost for patients recovering from illness and chemotherapy. “The food is really important,” said Adler. 

She has developed her own line of protein bars, shakes and trail mix that is 100 percent natural with no fillers and no preservatives. Adler has also completed a cook book; “Nancy’s Recipes for Life.”
Adler said she has been in the field for more than 15 years and incorporates proper vitamins like B-12 and amino acids it makes for an all over healthier you. She added that Coville has his Obagi line of skin care products is a great compliment to the healthy whole person that Adler said is an achievable goal for every client.

Adler is also taking her message on the road; she is a guest on WOND’s Front Porch with Barbara Altman every Tuesday and contributes nutrition articles for Ed Hitzel’s magazine, TV Atlantic and Go Jane News.

Nancy Adler and Dr. Frederick Coville are located at 401 New Road. Adler is (609) 653-4900 with office hours 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and other hours by appointment. Visit Dr. Coville is (609) 957-5652 or visit

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