No-nukes comments forgiving and hateful

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To the editor:

I attended the Coalition for Peace and Justice program on Sunday, Aug. 5 because I am a member of St. Joseph's Church. I wanted to hear the voice of Shiho Burke.

Her voice is like one calling out in the wilderness about the dangers of nuclear power used as weapons. I believe her voice needs to be heard.


It is a quiet voice, but packs a powerful message. Shiho stated at the beginning of her brief talk that her mother, a living survivor of the blast in Hiroshima, has a great faith in God (no mention of religion). At the end of her presentation, Shiho stated that forgiveness is a key to resolving conflicts. And she expressed how new life springs from the ashes.

Shiho grew up in Hiroshima and in the 60 years since the blast, it is a thriving city. Japan is allowed no nuclear weapons, but the United States protects the borders of Japan.

Another voice was also heard, although inaudible at times.

Norm Cohen, who is executive director of the Coalition for Peace and Justice, mentioned that he is the liberal voice in The Current as he writes the column The Left’s Turn. Unfortunately, he also said that the others who write for The Current are "right wing nutcases." I would hope that Norm regretted uttering those hateful words.

It was a pleasure hearing Shiho Burke. I thank Father Ed, Father Bob and Father Joe for opening our church sanctuary to a prophetic speaker. Never again should nuclear weapons be used for war. 

 But we won't get the hate for the born cleared up until we recognize the sanctity of life from conception. That is a view that Norm needs to understand and not classify as possibly being “right wing."

Marian R. Carlino

Somers Point



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