Romney, Grossman think greed is a virtue

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To the editor:

Seth Grossman wants to "ditto," as did Rush Limbaugh, Mitt Romney's now infamous "47 percent" remarks, made at a $50,000-per-person fundraiser at the Boca Raton mansion of hedge fund manager Mark Ledec.


Romney stated the 47 percent of the population who do not pay taxes are "dependent on government," "see themselves as victims," "believe that government has the responsibility to take care of them," "believe that they are entitled to healthcare, food, housing, you name it," and "should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.”

Right from the mouth of a privileged robber baron.

Neither Romney's statements nor Grossman's supplemental claims are consistent with sound reasoning.

Romney assumed that the subpopulation who will vote will be representative of the overall population –  which may not be the case if Republicans are successful blocking subgroups who would overwhelmingly vote for Obama. Ignoring that, his statements were absurd; so much so that even privileged, uppity staunchly Republican commentators such as Peggy Noonan and William Kristol expressed their dismay at Romney's statements, if only for a mix of tactical reasons and bad math.  Neither he nor Grossman offer anything more than overgeneralizations and invalid assumptions.

Grossman adds that "it's true that 47 percent of Americans depend on government," "We can't afford to make Americans who work, sacrifice, produce and pay feel like suckers," and, "It's too easy for them to give up looking for work and instead work the system as takers,” "many (how many?) get free or reduced… home-delivered meals… cell phones… cable TV...," and "these are complicated issues that require hours of reading and discussion.”

Grossman makes himself look worse than Romney. I am not sure how much quality reading he actually does based on his ridiculous conclusions.

It's not true that 47 percent of Americans depend (strong word) on government.  Most of the 47 percent work, and "many" of those are paid slave wages.  "Many" are old, poor, and sick. 

The people complaining about taxing the poor and middle class are not creating jobs and sustaining America; they are simply in it for themselves and want the golden goose to keep laying eggs – for them.  "Many" of them send jobs and income offshore, and pay a 14 percent federal income tax rate or less. 

Greed is considered a form of idolatry in Christianity and an addiction in science.  Only in 21st America, following the Reagan era of deregulation, corporate encroachment on all areas of life, the reduction of life to dollars, and the reduction of politics to rich, conservative white guy smear tactics can it be said to be good. 

If you want a manageable example of what happens on the macro scale, then just look at our area and see who is paying living wage providing career path jobs. Yep, kind of what I thought.

Jeff Lehman


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