Somers Point residents waging war on trees

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To the editor:

When did we become such a fearful people? Whence came the notion that it was possible, or even good, to eliminate all risk from our lives? The citizens of Somers Point are waging a war on trees, a war motivated by fear.

Since moving into the Fairways section of Somers Point some 15 years ago, we've watched in dismay as our neighbors have destroyed tree after tree, a trend that has only accelerated after recent storms. These old oaks and elms were here, benefitting the environment, long before most of us were born. Among other things, they provide summer shade, slow storm run off, and increase property values. They are not the enemy.

Admittedly, it has been a difficult year living with trees. A number were blown down and caused damage. But why take down the healthy trees still standing? Most of the damage was covered by insurance, and the benefits provided by trees far outweigh the risks in living with them. Once down, these trees are not coming back in our lifetime.

Living is risky business. But of all the things to be afraid of in life, trees should be very far down the list. These majestic specimens may grow on private property, but they are a community resource. Don't let fear run your life. Let's help preserve this precious resource for those who follow.

Michael Glennon

Somers Point

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