Letter: Northfield musical chairs game is confusing

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Letter: Northfield musical chairs game is confusing Letter: Northfield musical chairs game is confusing To the editor:

If the residents of Northfield weren't confused before, we certainly are now with the musical chair game the Republican club has been playing.

The Republicans have had more resignations in the last six months; if they can't even decide who sits in which seat, it makes you wonder how they are going to decide how to run the city.

It’s confusing.

Lisa Brown resigned her seat immediately following the primary election. John Dunn was running for two seats, now he's not running for either seat.

They tried to put Larry Carlson in Lisa Brown’s seat, but that vote didn't pass, so Dennis Mahon got that seat, but he's not running for the seat, he'll just hold it until the November election.

Now they want Erland Chau to run for that seat, but nepotism becomes an issue as his brother-in-law sits in a 2nd Ward seat now.

As I said, it’s confusing.

I’m asking the residents of Northfield to come out and attend the council meetings and see how our city is being run, and how our tax dollars are being spent. It’s all tax and spend.

People, you need to get out and voice your opinion before they take all your rights away.

Robert Webb Sr.


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